BAD BUGS in Mambo Server 4.5.3

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Two of them, which are actually unrelated.

1. If you have a "contact us" form on a Mambo site, a visitor will fill out
the form and click send, and no email message actually gets sent.

I fixed this by making a change to components/com_contact/contact.php. Near
the beginning of the file, there's this line:

if ( !isset( $op ) ) {

I insertred this line above it:

$op = mosGetParam( $_REQUEST ,'op', '' );

About nine lines down, there's another line that looks like this:

switch( $task ) {

I inserted this line aboove it:

$task = mosGetParam( $_REQUEST ,'task', '' );

2. If your articles have "email a friend" buttons to the right of the title,
you can click one of these and fill in the recipient, your name, etc.
Again, if you click "send", nothing actually happens. I fixed this by
installing Mambo's 4.5.3h "holiday" patch that was released at the end of

I don't know whether these bugs exist in Joomla. My suggestion is, if you're
using any version of Mambo or Joomla that was released since July, 2005,
You should try using the "contact" form and an "email a friend" button to
send an email to yourself, and make sure that you receive it.

Bob Broughton /
Vancouver, BC, Canada
"I am talking about impeachment... If (George W. Bush) commits oral sex in
the Oval Office, and I don't care with whom, that will be the straw that
broke the camel's back. Out he goes." - Kurt Vonnegut, Oct. 7, 2005

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