back ordering names

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here is a strange situation which turned out OK.
I just don't understand what happened.

One of my clients forgot to renew his domain and it
went into the expired status, pending delete.

I signed up with Go Daddy to back order the name
with the hopes naturally we would reclaim it.

I was checking myself trying to grab it if I saw it available.
No such luck. Suddenly, my registar comes back with it being registered
with a firm in Hong Kong a couple hours before hand RIGHT AFTER I had
just check the status of the name.

I went to bed planning on telling my client to start looking for
a new name. In the morning I had an email from Go-Daddy telling
me they were successful in registering the the name for us, HUH??

Sure enough we got the name. How does that work? I was busy and
just happy to get the name and the new job rebuilding the site
so I didn't ask GO-Daddy how they did it or what happened, like they
would tell me the truth anyway. What Happen Here???

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