aww what have you done :)

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Hi group,

I am posting this solely for interest sakes :)
Before posting in here, an advanced search, 'with exact words' bought up a
nice tidy search for both these sites.
1 entry each.

Now the search is a scrambles, 53 sites listed in all, with aww all the way
through it plus a couple that do not delight me at all.

Have at look at this:

Aeiwi: photo album
Wairoa help Centre Index page computer use and maintenance help, cartoon,
history, ... Wairoa help Centre, computer maintenance, local news and photos
... - Supplemental Result - Similar pages

which takes you to this:

How do they do this, amazing :(

So although my time in here has been invaluable, it appears to be to my
detriment as far as google search is concerned.
Ironically I came here trying to fix a problem a 'Web site promoter' was
throwing at me.
Well my sites sure are promoted I suppose, a bit of everything :)
Oh well you never know, maybe my client's sex lives may

Cheers to you all


Re: aww what have you done :)

Quoth JennyLin in alt.www.webmaster

Quoted text here. Click to load it

...and lo and behold, yet another forum capturing aww posts

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Re: aww what have you done :)

Hi Jenny.
If you have used meta tags in your site, included keywords, then it is
quite likeley that these sites have just taken them and placed them in
their own meta tags and just modifyed them slightly.
I'm not sure whether this is what is actually happening. But I would
say that it is the case from what you have described.
Regards Chad.

Re: aww what have you done :)

Using a pointed stick and pebbles, scraped:

[Meta data taken from one page and applied to another]
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Highly unlikely that this would make any difference with regards
Google's results, as Google does not use keywords from meta elements and
has not done so for a long time.

Aside: When you are replying to a message, please quote the relevant
text so that we know what you are replying to.

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