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I received this earlier in my email and wanted to open it up for discussion:

Heidi, thank you for continuing to accept the responsibility
of posting the AWW FAQ.

The following entry:

Q. How much should I charge?
A. The average as of December 2001 seems to be US$50 an hour.

might be dated?

Do you suppose a query to the AWW pro's might
provide an updated dollar figure?

Gary Peek      
Industrologic, Inc.

Re: AWW FAQ Question

Fleeing from the madness of the Road Runner High Speed Online jungle
and said:

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Dunno - I don't usually charge by the hour.

William Tasso

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Re: AWW FAQ Question

William Tasso wrote:
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I rarely charge by the hour too... unless it's something I dont want to
do! I tend to work on several projects at the same time, so hard to
charge honestly per-hour. But when I do, it's between30 and50 ph,
depending on the task.

Re: AWW FAQ Question

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 06:39:41 +0100, "William Tasso"

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That's NOT what I have heard! <bg>


Odi profanum vulgus

Re: AWW FAQ Question

Heidi wrote:
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My rate for hourly work is $65/hr. But, most of my work I do on a
project rate, which is $250/half day. I'm located in the US.

David Hennessy /

Re: AWW FAQ Question

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Hiya Mate, I didn't know you'd come back here

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Re: AWW FAQ Question

Heidi wrote:
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Hey there, you good looking gal, you!

The problem with an hourly rate is it varies so much - even here in the United
States.  For instance, the same job in New York, San Francisco or even here in
DC will command a much higher rate than St. Louis, Mo, Cheyenne, Wy, and so on.
  The difference can be even 2x the rate.

With that said, I don't generally do hourly rates.  I figure a project rate
based on the number of hours, but I'll also give a discounted price for longer
projects.  I generally figure around $75/hr when doing small projects, dropping
down to maybe $60/hr for larger ones.

However, I'm a little different than most of the guys here - I can't design my
way out of a paper bag.  I work with graphics people who do the web page design,
artwork, etc.  I'll do the background programming and a lot of the HTML.

The graphics people get more - usually $100/hr and up.  So I would expect a
designer/programmer around here to get somewhere between those.

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