Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

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I had been pretty happy with ipowerweb. I run a free guitar lessons site
with about 9000 members.

So I suddenly get the following email from them a couple days ago:


    Unfortunately, we have been forced to suspend your domain account for
the following reason:

Violation of acceptable use policy. Please contact abuse@ipowerweb.com

    For more information about this suspension, please contact
abuse@vdeck.com.  Thank you.


vDeck Abuse Department

I follow the instructions and contact them, being told that I will get a
response within 24 hours. Never happened. In fact over the past 48 hours I
have probably opened up 4 additional tickets to try and light a fire under
these idiots. Have also spent about an hour and a half trying to get a human
being on the phone. What typically happened is I am on hold so long, ther
system chokes and drops the call. Finally talked to a person this morning
and for the first time got some insight into what was happening with my
site. Apparently someone hacked my bulletin board and inserted mailicious
code. Took about 48 hours to learn this crucial piece of info! In the
meantime, they will not let me into my database, ftp, etc. They have
completely shut me off from my account! For all I know this hacking attempt
was more serious and my database is compromised. And this guy I talked to
said that since my ticket was open for 2 days, it would be escalated and
would be one of the first tickets that the abuse department addressed. Did
not happen.

So if anyone is reading this, please avoid ipowerweb. They are a very low
class outfit who maintains low prices at the expense of critical business
operations that characterize a professional organization. And if anyone can
recommend a top notch host, please let me know. Of course I have no way of
knowing when I can switch over because ipower won't give me access to my

And if anyone knows of wider channels through which I can disemminate this
info, please let me know. I think what is happening is atrocious, and a
company who exhibits this degree of disregard does not deserve customers who
have a sense of decency and integrity.


Brian Huether

 (site not working because of ipowerweb incompetence)

Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

Brian Huether wrote

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That's disgraceful.  Perhaps one of the hosts here could offer you
better service?

Charles Sweeney

Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

I had a disastrous experience when I had a dedicated server with them for a

You can read about it here if you want
http://tinyurl.com/7m7nv (WebHostingTalk)

Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

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Your problem is a good example of why it's not always a good idea to go with
a large hosting company who have many many thousands of customers. They
don't care if they lose a customer or two. They're not interested in
listening and trying to solve the problem - they just close you down and
move on with the next new customer. I know, I've been there also.

On the other hand, the small guy (or girl) just starting out in the hosting
business with his data center located dedicated server and only a few
customers is generally much keener to listen and hang onto his precious

I've been using a small company who are new to the business, know what
they're doing, provide an excellent service at a very reasonable price and
are keen to listen to the few customers they have. I'll send you their url
by email as I don't want everyone using them.

Cheers and hope you can get your problems solved ASP and don't lose too much

Kerry Whitfield


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contains nude skinnydippers)

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Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

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True, but in my experience you sometimes get the best sandwich at the
sandwich bar who already have a lot of customers...

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The small guy may be enthusiastic, and he may know what he is doing, but he
may be out of business tomorrow - or service drops after a while because he
has too much to too little to do.

Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

On Fri, 2 Sep 2005 15:16:15 -0400, "Brian Huether"

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A familiar tale.....

Unacceptable, I agree. But sadly common.


Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

let me guess you used the word "dumb" or "idiot" in your support ticket?


Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

Using a pointed stick and pebbles, Brian Huether scraped:

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Bloody typical! Just as I decided to re-take up the guitar (again). Your
site was one of the ones I put in my bookmarks last time :(

I hope you get it up and running again soon with a new and better host.

Dylan Parry
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Re: Avoid ipowerweb at all costs!

Maybe take a look @ http://www.cjb.cc
They are a small group but I'm sure Brian the guy who runs the site
will be more then happy to come up with a package to meet your
Thanks Regards Chad: http://www.cjb.cc/members/freewebdesign

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