Avoid 2CHECKOUT.com at all costs

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Let me share my experience with these jokers.

Two orders - one in the $900 range, the other in the $1400 range - both
held up for "verification".

The first they said they couldn't reach the customer to verify that the
shipment had been received.  "Several attempts" they told me.  I called
and had verification in 30 seconds.  With this one they got the use of
my money for three weeks.

The second was really good.  They harassed the customer (a legitimate,
large business) for a copy of their company credit card statement.  The
customer refused saying they don't know who these guys really are but
did sign and fax their document claiming that they are who they say
they are.  This took two days to resolve and almost cost me the sale.

Now it's up for payment and guess what - they're "having trouble
verifying the order".  This is one week after they just harassed this
good company the first time.  What changed in a week that they have to
RE-verify an order?

Nothing.  They just don't like paying.  They like holding the money for
the interest.

In my opinion, 2Checkout is nothing but a waste of your time.  You will
get your money - eventually - but they'll keep it until they have to
give it to you.  They'll lose sales for you because they'll harass your
customers until they're tired of dealing with it.

If you're contemplating using them because you have bad credit and
don't think you can get a merchant account, don't do it.  Go to
charge.com or other places and they'll get you that merchant account -
at half what 2Checkout charges.

To me, 2Checkout is a racket that should be shut down for fraud.  But
that's just my experience talking.

Re: Avoid 2CHECKOUT.com at all costs


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That's terrible.  Thankfully I have never used them.  I use PayPal.  I
have had payments of those sorts of values, and they go straight in.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Avoid 2CHECKOUT.com at all costs

Chris H wrote

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

I have had the opposite experience with them.  I sell a file.  I don't
ship it, the customer downloads it.

A customer didn't get his file (through no fault of my own, I would
hasten to add) and complained to PayPal.  Long story short, they said
because it wasn't a shipped item, the customer had no redress with them.

The payment stood.

This is from their email:

"According to the User Agreement, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy
applies only to the postage of goods and not to services and other
intangible goods. For that reason, we are unable to take any action
regarding this complaint. We encourage you to work directly with the
buyer to resolve this issue."

I suppose they could still ask their card company to make a chargeback
(if indeed they used their card) but the guy in this case decided to
clear his inbox, or whatever the f*ck else he needed to do to make his
email work, and he got the file from me!!

I'm in the UK, if that makes any difference.

Charles Sweeney

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