Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

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WTF do people still send out bounces for non-existent email addresses? Some
f**ker is using one of my domains for dictionary style spamming and I got
nearly 2K bounces this morning.

I hate people who set up these bounces almost as much  as I hate spammers.


Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

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You could not be more wrong. Also use procmail to filter the nounces
out, temporarily.


Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

Ignoramus31174 wrote:
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He isnt wrong. If you cant bounce DURING the SMTP connection you should NOT
bounce at all.
It is reportable to SpamCop...

Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

Martin Harran wrote:
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Report as many as you can to since it is a form of spam..

Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

Hi Martin -

On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 23:34:40 +0100, "Martin Harran"

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Right on.  That's a clear sign that whoever is responsible for the
bounce-generating server doesn't know what the heck they're doing.  Or
knows and doesn't, which is worse.

As far as I'm concerned, unless I need to receive email from that
server, a router block is the remedy of choice.

Ken /

Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

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It could be that this is the spam you are receiving.

I've received spam where it was made to look like I tried to email spam to
somebody and it was being bounced back to me or replied to via an autoreply

Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

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Yes, its known as a Reverse NDR attack
(( ). The spammer uses a
remote server to delivery spam by setting the sender's address to the email
address of the target.

As the OP correctly said, this is indicative that the server generating the
NDR's is mis-configured. The server should reject the email at the point of
delivery, not receive it and then generate an NDR. I don't know about other
email systems, but the out of the box Microsoft Exchange (2003) settings
allow this type of relaying although it can (and should) be disabled.
Hopefully Microsoft have changed their default configuration for Exchange
Brian Cryer

Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 10:24:48 +0100, "Brian Cryer"

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I just came here to see if anyone else was getting this also, I've
gotten about 7k bounced, autoresponder, etc messages (and 1 "plz
remove me from your list" message lol)

It's all happening on domain for a website I run, but I dont pay for
the domain or hosting (both through Godaddy), is there anything I can
tell the person who does pay for it to tell Godaddy to help stop it?

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Re: Autoresponders to Spam (Rant)

Cynode wrote:
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Nope, there isn't a thing GoDaddy can do about it, either.  Chances are
they aren't being used in the joe job.

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