Automatic Google Ad-Clicker

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href="http://d3strafic.dragosta.comfancy "> <BR>fancy</A>
an automatic opensource p2p Ad clicker?<BR>Keywords : Google automatic clicking
ad clicker adcliker</P>
<P>d3sTraffic Visits a webpage submitted,<BR>&nbsp;scans for html links with the
id=d3sTrafficLink,<BR>&nbsp;image links with id=d3sTrafficImage<BR>&nbsp;and the
first googlead on the page, and clicks it. <BR>That simple, ubique hits per 24
hours, no ratios, everyone running it, benefits.</P>
<P>no spyware , open source code on demand:) joinand leave it open,</P>
<P>this is an experimental client, please mail me your ideas and use sensibly to
test your ad systems:)</P>

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