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Did they put up a Godaddy advertisement page as a placeholder on the domains
they hijacked?  If so, surely that represents some sort of conflict of
interest and could be construed as alterior motives on their part.


Re: Attn RED - regarding Godaddy wrote:
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They don't resolve and the nameservers are set to:

The Godaddy ads will probably come later.

I think they are going to wait 30 days and then claim that I forfeited
the domains by refusing to pay the $75 "fine" they imposed for breaking
a rule -- a rule they recently created and began enforcing without any

We can assume that everything they do is motivated by profit. I had two
years left on the domain registrations. I am fortunate that the
affiliate program warned me ahead of time and I was able to move my most
valuable domains before the ax fell. I hadn't moved on all of them soon
enough because I was still trying to get confirmation from Godaddy
(anonymously) on what the policy was. They had to have been checking out
all of my domains in order to know about a .net domain that was being
forwarded to the associated .com site that has affiliate links. I think
they must have also known that I was in the process of transferring
domains out and grabbed what they could.

Pretty low.

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