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Re: ASP to PDF dilemma

Laphan wrote:

> Hi All
> As I'm a 'one man bander', I'm really pushed to grab good projects from
> the big boys, but I've finally managed to get my foot in the door for a
> project which could be a good one and I've reached an almighty stumbling
> block.
> The company that I'm trying to get in with has an established web site and
> have fallen out with the current developers.  I've said that I can take it
> on only to find that although 99% of the site is classic ASP and SQL
> Server DB, the crucial 1% is an component that creates PDF docs
> from data
> in their DB and images in a pre-designated folder.  I found that the
> excellent Persits has an ASP 2 PDF component that works in both classic
> ASP and, but my problem is that my current ISP won't install this
> component and doesn't have any alternative.
> My immediate thought to this problem was that I could get hold of another
> ISP that does have a ASP to PDF component, set up an account with them and
> then do a frameset 'cludge' (needed so that I can show that the addressbar
> is still in the current web site) to point the result set to a small ASP
> web site on the new ISP to create the PDF in a new window.
> My problem is, do you know of any cheap ASP hosts that provide this ASP to
> PDF facility?
> Thanks
> Laphan

The problem is that you're going proprietary.

I'm generating invoices in TeX, then using pdftex and Perl's MIME::Lite to
email the invoice as pdf.

Free, Standard, platform independent, immune to vendor whims.


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