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If you have any interest in Arabic, either as a student, traveler, or
simple amateur linguist, I found one of the most interesting website.
A letter-by-letter introduction to all characters in Arabic alphabet
will let you read and write Arabic words in days. You can continue
learning step by step till you master the impossible mission.
This site contains: Free and Paid On-line Learning, Books and Learning
Packages, And much more.
You can visit their website

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Re: Arabic Language Learning System wrote:
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Nah I dont wish to learn how to talk/type like a terrorist.

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Viper wrote:

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Your racist views are becoming tiresome John. Do try and resist the
temptation to keep making these loathsome comments or you may well find
your name and address posted as a response to them. After all, you
wouldn't want any 'terrorist' Arabs knowing where you live and what you
feel about them, would you?


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The more he publishes such extreme and unacceptable posts, the less
notice the world takes of him. If you were a respectable ISP, would
you accept demands to shut down your customers' accounts from someone
like him?

So let's just ignore him, as most sensible people do.


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