Apache on Windows and exe files

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We have a php script which we can run fine locally (to backup a MySQL
database), on a Windows 2003 server running Apache 1.3.x. We have been
trying to make it however that we can execute this script from a browswer.
However, whenever we attmept to do so, it seems php cannot find zip.exe
(even though it is in the system path, and therefore runs fine when not
executed in a browswer).

Under Apache 1.3, how can we allow acces to zip.exe in a specific directory?

As a solution, on another newsgroup earlier (a php group), someone said to
"... had to open the Services window
(Run - services.msc) - select Apache - click on Properties - go to the
Log On tab and then check 'allow service to interact with the desktop.'
(I've been flamed for admitting to doing that, too. ?)"

Can anyone explain to me why this is a problem.security risk? Thanks, Ike

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