Apache: Disable Access By Server's IP Address

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I am running a couple virtual hosts on Apache (windows) and was
wondering if there is a way to disable access to the web pages via IP

For example, I only want the actual websites accessible by someone
typing in the domain name.

Currently, if someone types in, it pulls up the main web
site I'm hosting.  I would like to disable this so the only way to get
to the main site is by typing http://www.mysite.com .

Thanks for the assistance!

Re: Apache: Disable Access By Server's IP Address


thatguy26 wrote:

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Define another virtual host, which must be the first in the apache.conf.
Something like

<VirtualHost *>
    ServerName default
    Redirect 404 /

The first virtual host will be used by apache for any host name that is not
used by one of your 'real' virtual hosts, including access by IP address.


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