AOL and 1&1 routing issues?

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I rent a root server from 1&1 and connect to the web via AOL

Over the last month I have been getting severe connectivity issues. My
connection to the web is very reasonable with the average website
appearing almost instantly, but if I access one of my own websites
hosted with 1&1, there is a good chance that the connection will
simply time out or be reset. the same applies to uploading files to
the server.
I have tested this over and over with sites hosted with 1&1 and sites
hosted elsewhere and the problem only lies with  sites hosted by 1&1.

I have accessed my sites through various other ISPs from friends
houses and internet cafes with absolutely no problem.

This problem only seems to be between AOL and 1&1. I called 1&1's
support line (in India) who couldn't help me in the least and
suggested I call the 1&1 server room in the U.S. I called AOL who
denied any routing problem between AOL and 1&1 (I wasn't convinced
that my problem was understood).

Is anyone else having these problems? Or similar problems?



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