Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

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I set up a Facebook ad and am trying to figure out how to track the
results. The ad is only shown to Facebook users who are (1) located
within a 10 mile radius of a small town in a major metro area, (2) are
female (3) married and (4) between the ages of 25 - 50.

When someone clicks on the ad, they are linked to the client's web site.
I would like to determine if this is generating legitimate leads or if
it is just generating hits on the ad from the curious. I have asked the
client to query any new customers on how they found the client. Ideally,
we would determine if the new customer came to my client as a result of
a referral, from searching using Google, Bing or Yahoo (where I also
have ads running) or as a result of viewing and clicking on the Facebook
ad. Naturally, the client does not want to irritate any potential new
customers and is somewhat reluctant to ask all of the specific questions
in which I am interested.

I have found that the big majority of people using Google to find my
client are searching for the client's name as opposed to searching for a
generic version of the business. This tells me that many existing
customers are just using Google to get my client's telephone number in
order to call and make an appointment. With Facebook, however, there is
no search involved. The ad is only displayed to potential customers who
meet the 4 criteria listed above. I suspect that Facebook may be better
at generating new customers. I would like to get a better idea if that
is true or not.

Has anyone here had experience with Facebook ads or is this OT for this
forum and should I be asking this in a different newsgroup or a Facebook

Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

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The access_log can tell you /where/ people are coming from, but in order
to know if someone becomes a customer you have to ask. (Someone might
have found your client on Facebook, bookmarked the page and become a
customer 3 weeks later via the bookmark).

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A "How did you find us" is not to big of a question to ask? If you want
them to answer several questions reward them for the effort (5%
discount?, gift card?).

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Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

John Bokma wrote:
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Thanks for the ideas, particularly the 5% discount.

Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

On Tue, 08 Feb 2011 09:01:18 -0500, NJOracle put finger to keyboard and

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Set a cookie based on the referring site, and correlate that to orders.
That way, you can see the statistics on how many visitors came to teh site
from ads (and from which ads), how many came from search engines (and which
ones) and how many came from other sources.

It's not 100% reliable, as some people will have cookies disabled in their
browser and some people might come to the site first via one route and then
return via another to buy. So you can't use it for detailed, absolute stats
(eg, "x people bought after seeing a Facebook ad"), but it does give a very
good overview of proportional stats (eg, "Of all the people who bought, x%
had a Facebook cookie set and y% had a Google cookie").

If you don't have the programming skills to do that yourself (or you simply
can't be bothered), then use a third-party tracking system such as Google
Analytics or install something open source such as Piwik.


Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

On Tue, 08 Feb 2011 09:01:18 -0500, NJOracle wrote in alt.www.webmaster:

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The easiest way would be to create a duplicate page you're sending them
to and rename it to fb-______.html. It's a landing page. Then your stats
will keep track of it.

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Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

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What I do with all ads (including Facebook) is send them to something

On the index.php page, I set a cookie based on "r", then print that
cookie in any orders submitted. So, my home page is index.php, so I
have this at the top:

if ($_GET['r'])
  setcookie("referrer", $_GET['q'], time()+2592000);
  // 2592000 = 60 sec * 60 min * 24 hours * 30 days, so this is 30

This keeps the cookie for 30 days, so even if they leave and come back
in a month, I'll still know that the ad brought them.

Then, on the page where they submit a contact form, order form, or
whatever, I just include this in the email that's sent. For example,
if the email is sent from PHP, include this somewhere in the $body

$body .=3D "Referrer: " . $_COOKIE['r'] . "\n";



Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

On Wed, 9 Feb 2011 02:48:44 -0800 (PST), jwcarlton wrote in

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Good idea. Only wondering about the fanatical that clean cookies on
regular intervals. CCleaner has a huge userbase and it's pretty good at

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Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

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This has never been an issue to me because I've never considered it to
be that critical, but what you could do is set a dummy cookie on the
homepage, whether there is a $_GET['r'] or not. Then, on the order
form, include a field for that cookie. Ala:

////// index.php

// no time, so it expires when they close the browser
setcookie("dummy", "test");

// expires in 30 days, optional
if ($_GET['r'])
  setcookie("referrer", $_GET['q'], time()+2592000);

////// order form
$body .=3D "Cookies enabled: " . $_COOKIE['dummy'] . "\n";

If the dummy cookie isn't present, then you know that they've either
cleared their cookies, or have them disabled entirely, so the order
should not be included when considering the ad value.

Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

jwcarlton wrote:
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In my case, there is no order form. The client runs a service business,
e.g. nail salon. After seeing ad in Google, Yahoo or Facebook, customer
clicks on the website link. There she will see information on hours,
pricing, etc and a telephone number to use to make an appointment. I
think the only way to track this is to ask new customers how they
learned of the business. If they say "internet", pursue further to see
if it was Google or Facebook or something else.

Re: Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

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If you're trying to track the phone calls based on the website, then
you could have a new line set up with the telephone company that is
exclusively shown on the website. Locally (North Carolina), I can get
a second line with a unique ring for $10 /month.

You can also show a coupon on the website that's unique for each
referrer, and say "Call and ask for Coupon Code Blah-blah-blah". Eg,
if they come from Facebook then the coupon code might be FB0211
(Facebook, Feb 2011).

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