Anyone used tGedit by Geomantics (in-browser WYSIWYG editor) ?

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Hi all,

We've been using eWebEditPro for a number of years now, and though it
works fine for our needs - which are simply HTML editing (no XML, CSS,
etc), it's cumbersome to install/setup and Ektron wants $350 to upgrade
to the latest version for 10-users and one server.  Plus the version of
eWebEditPro we have now only works on IE -- and tGedit Pro works on IE
and Firefox.

We're evaluating other options, and right now the one that stands out
is Geomantics' tGedit - /.  I'm testing their
free version, but due to the image upload restrictions on where it
places images we're thinking of spending the $100 for unlimited users
and to use on several servers.

Has anyone used this product?  Thus for for basic HTML editing and
image uploading (which is all we need) it seems to work rather well.
The code it creates seems to be rather standard (nothing odd thus far),
and it runs fast.

Any other suggestions along these lines?  Our server is Apache 2.0.53
on Windows 2000 Server with Cold Fusion 6.1.

Thanks for your feedback and time,


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