Anyone recommend any Urchin (v6) consultants (ideally based in the UK?)

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We need help setting up our Urchin 6.

We need to
A) set up some filters for removing automated traffic and also
B) set up some (basic) reports on certain directories on our site....

We are based in the UK.  Our ISP (who we purchased Urchin 6 through)
have only ever used Urchin 5 and are proving to be almost completely
useless. So far I cant find much training material for Urchin (e.g.
tutorials/videos) either.

Any suggestions/volunteers ?


Shiperton Henethe

P.S. I see that Jeremy Aube of roirevolution com seems quite active on
the Urchin forums, but they are fairly expensive (up to $250 per hour)
for support, plus they are in the wrong time zone (+5hrs), plus not
available for a couple of days...

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