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Re: Any SQL experts here?

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008 05:47:42 -0800 (PST), SpaceGirl put finger to
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The following is correct to the best of my knowledge...

Despite the website appearing to be a monolithic entity, each
department of the BBC generates its own content using its own CMS and
the resulting pages are copied to the public server as static content.
With the exception of the discussion forums and online games, very
little of the content is generated dynamically. That's why, for
example, every story published on the BBC news website is still there
with the same URL that it was first published with. This allows
content generation to be distributed around the BBC, without any risks
caused by exposing multiple CMSs to the outside world - as I'm sure
you can imagine, such a site would be a prime target for anyone
wanting to exploit any security holes in any dynamic content
generation system.

The CMSs themselves vary from fully in-house code (eg, the BBC news
site) to customised or almost out of the box commercial and Open
Source software for other, smaller departments. These CMSs use either
Oracle or MySQL, depending on department, and the static pages they
generate are published to an Apache server.  

The only major sections which generate dynamic content on the fly are
the discussion and feedback sections. The "Have Your Say" message
boards on the news site uses Java servlets on a Zeus server with an
Oracle backend. The sport discussion forum ("606") runs on IIS with an
MS SQL backend. Other user-facing dynamic content (eg, news polls) is
mostly written in Perl.

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