Any opinions on "HackerSafe" certification system from ScanAlert ?

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We are about to try "Hacker Safe" from  ScanAlert...

Basically the deal is that you have to put a logo on your home
page and their software validates that your webserver appears
to be safe. It does so every day and it date-stamps your site's
logo saying when it last ran the test on your site.

Quite a clever business model, I'd say.
And a good punchy descriptive name they chosen.

Due to the increased trust & confidence that your website's visitors
have in you, they CLAIM an average of 14% increase in sales.

They also CLAIM over 75000 websites use them.

The cost for hackersafe is GBP 1069 per annum.

And they also CLAIM that of the 75000 sites who have signed up,
NONE of them have EVER been hacked into...

Do any of you guys beg to differ?!

Shiperton Henethe

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