Another problem webhost: LiquidWeb

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An email list I'd inherited stopped working last week.  It was hosted
on LiquidWeb - I hadn't looked at the details much, because it was
paid for by the previous listowner and we weren't using the web site
capabilities - only the mailing lists.

When I first called LW, I couldn't get help because I only knew the
email list management password, not the cpanel password.  

Got that and called back. The call took forever because the tech kept
having to check with other people because he was clueless (though I'll
give him credit for at least admitting he needed help and getting it.)
He thought  that Mailman wasn't supported by them, when it turns out
that it's  built into cpanel.  He then found something screwed up with
the cpanel  account, which he supposedly fixed (didn't tell me what it
was but  said it wasn't anything we'd done.

Two old posts came through and then things died again, so I called
back.  I found out from my 2nd support call tonight that the original
owner had been paying  for 1000 Meg/month but had accidentally only
been given 100 - the account first  died because we went over quota!

I got a 2 week credit by pointing  out that we'd lost several days of
service because they hadn't given  us what we'd paid for - when I
first mentioned we'd been paying for 10 times more space than we'd
been given, the reaction was basically "yeah, but you weren't using it

Needless to say, we are moving our lists.

I have yet to see a problem, however complicated, which when you looked at
it in the right way, did not become still more complicated. ~ Poul Anderson

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