Another privacy breach on the Net - AOL is not alone!

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This could be someone's bad joke, but it looks legit to me:

The City of Crookston, MN has pioneered a way to insult its municipal
workers: to make a list of websites they've visited and files they've
downloaded available online!

Apparently these are names of users of township's municipal network
(otherwise it would be just outright wrong), and they were probably warned
about no expectations of privacy on their employerís network, but what was
the reason to make it available to the public online?

I came across it looking for links to my site on Yahoo and there it was, a
nice gentleman visited my site twice, and then proceeded onto downloading
some MP3 music (legal?)

These guys don't really publish any e-mails or other ways to contact them
online. So, if someone is in the vicinity, stop by, tell them to remove
those pages (even though they've been cached by Y! and G)

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Re: Another privacy breach on the Net - AOL is not alone!

This is just wrong, wow, site took a bit to load but OMG, why is it
that this information needs to be published?  I'm assuming that the
stats are for the City's hardware, or only while at work but still.
Can they not deal out some type of reprimand without making this kind
of thing public?  I just don't see the logic in this.
On Oct 11, 9:39 pm,
( wrote:
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Re: Another privacy breach on the Net - AOL is not alone! wrote:

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Legit, but stupid.  Time to forward it to the geeknews press if you
want to embarass them, email their clueless sysadmin if you're

The clues are in the URL: "squid" and a funny port number. It's not a
deliberate attempt to "publish" this information, it's the logs from a
Squid proxy being visible to the outside world when they ought to be
held secure (even from the other workers)

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