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I didn't want to dilute that other thread, so I figured I'd start my own.
If someone wants to use frames, I got no problem with them.  They've worked
for me for years.  My site is just friends and family looking at my photos
though, so it's no big deal.

Today though, things are a bit different.  I'd like to send links to the
photo groups so people can look at my photos and tell me what I can do to
make them better.  Frames makes that semi-difficult.

Anyway, I started by getting my site cleaned up with CSS and I think I have
that working well.  The next step for me is to get rid of the frames and use
div's for things.  From reading here, I've figured out I have ASP available
for SSI's.  VBScript to be exact.  That's new for me, but I'll get it.  My
problem is with the new way I have to set up my div's.

Here is my site now: /
Here is my server side included div's test: /

If someone can get me going on setting the div's up right, I think I can get
swapping out the content.  Any help on that, if the div's thing is too easy,
I would appreciate also.   :O)

Have fun,

Re: Another frames thing

Nevermind, I figured it out.  My included menu section has lost it's
background color though.  I'll figure it out.

Have fun,

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