Anonymous (guest) access using HTACCESS

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Is it possible to have one file (perl script) that is available for
BOTH logged-in users AND non-logged in "guests"?
The Perl script could then simply reveal the extra, sensitive
information, only when the environment variable $ENV is
defined (i.e., not null).

The point is, I don't want to write two separate (yet, almost
identical) versions of the script; one full access, and one restricted
access. Is it possible to configure the .htaccess file to both "require
valid-user" and allow anonymous access? I've heard of an "Everyone"
group. How does this work?

Btw, I don't have root access to the server, so I can't change stuff in
Apache-files, or restart the server...
Hope someone can help :)

Re: Anonymous (guest) access using HTACCESS wrote:

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You probably mean REMOTE_USER ?

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Simple answer to that one: create a module, or maybe better: create two.
One base module with basic for all functionality, and one that inherits
and adds extra functionality for logged in users. That way you don't risk
a user not logged in finding a backdoor into the secure part.

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