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If you take a look at this page, and scroll, you will notice that the
top navigation menu "follows" the page as you scroll :

I have a meeting this week with my client - and I already know he's
going to request this to be implemented in his own new site.

I hate it personally - so my question is :
What sort of *techncial argument* can I make in trying to justify why
__not__ to implement this ?
Is there anything *in addition* to the fact that the user must have
javascript enabled for it to work ?

Ultimately - it's his money, and his site, but I'd like to have
another side to discuss other than I just don't like it!



Re: Annoying technology!

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Are you kidding? You just "don't like it" is the best you can do?
What technical argument, the bloody thing stops you reading
content stuff underneath it on a short window? That is enough.
Tell them you organised a trial with a room full of people and
they split their sides.


Re: Annoying technology!

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

If I may add, it not only blocks content on a short window, it
trips over itself at very few up-text clicks.


Re: Annoying technology! wrote:
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  It is completely useless without JS.
  As dorayme mentioned, it covers the content forcing the visitor to move
the page around to see what's under the menu.
  It is highly unlikely that it passes accessibility considerations (text
browser, speech browser, mouseless).

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Re: Annoying technology!

While the city slept, (
feverishly typed...

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Hmm... well... scrolling through the first page you link to, it seems that I
can found out "comprehensive information" on what ICSI is by clicking a
button (

However... a little more scolling shows that the "comprehensive information"
offered is on another matter... (

Thought some graphical examples might help you ;-) Good luck! :-)


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