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If you take a look at this page, and scroll, you will notice that the
top navigation menu "follows" the page as you scroll :

I have a meeting this week with my client - and I already know he's
going to request this to be implemented in his own new site.

I hate it personally - so my question is :
What sort of *techncial argument* can I make in trying to justify why
__not__ to implement this ?
Is there anything *in addition* to the fact that the user must have
javascript enabled for it to work ?

Ultimately - it's his money, and his site, but I'd like to have
another side to discuss other than I just don't like it!



Re: Annoying technology! wrote:
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It's a real accessibility problem, and not just for folks who are /used/
to being shut out. Besides, it's dopey and ugly.

You are in Canada? Arm yourself for this client (and for future
projects) by reading through this article: /

Titled "Accessibility Laws In Canada," it has what seems to be a good
discussion of how Canadian Human Rights laws apply to Web accessibility.
Two possible problems with the article: (1) it was written in 2002, so
may not be completely up-to-date anymore, and (2) ironically, it's
designed with a text size style of 80%, so the text is hard to read...

The report at is somewhat
more recent, but may not be much more informative.

Of course, if your client's WWW presence might be viewed in the U.S. (or
Australia), then there are other legal reasons (e.g. US Americans with
Disabilites Act) to avoid the stupidity in question.

Good luck in repelling the Dark Side.


Re: Annoying technology! wrote:
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Three words: "Invisible to Google."

David Hennessy /

Re: Annoying technology!

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If I want to get a particular feature struck off the list, this is the angle
I use. Sometimes even when it's not true.


Re: Annoying technology!

Thanks to everyone who provided such excellent answers.

I'll be armed with this information for my client, and be sure to
mention to him that I can to these conclusions "after discussions with
my collegues". :-D

Thanks again!


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Re: Annoying technology!

CJM wrote:
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Unforunately, if the client googles for "in vitro toronto", that site turns
up as the first listing, and that page is the second one. Nothing worse than
a client who can easily "prove" your an idiot.


Re: Annoying technology!

dp wrote:
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What about the interior pages? If they do turn up, that means somebody
spent quite a bit of time (and hence, money) to make one of these
gadgets be compliant. It's not impossible, but you do have to decide if
it is worth it to have the gimmick.

David Hennessy /

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