An alien society has arrived in 1981

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They have settled and established Google Inc. Their goal: provide one billion chit chats
and 15 million books to a neighboring star system. Google consists of space pirates,
a humanoid species who came from Earth's future. Empowered with UFO-s, they
are nearing the end of their project, when they will mysteriously disappear.
Humanity just sits and watches as we are being 'robbed' in the name of capitalism.

Being in the market they are doing everything their competition is doing, but with
piece of shit quality. They don't care. They need the data.

In reality they are either the Hitler or Jesus of telemarketing, chosen to die for all of
Telemarketer's sins. Their engineers worked with real people's private emails to build
up targeted ads corresponding to people's email content. They archive the private
interest discussions of usenet like Ceaucescu's street cameras. They treat humanity
as scum. They scan 15 million books from libraries without checking for copyright.
Napster users are just wondering how can a company distribute copyright material
so freely while the music downloaders were saught by the FBI for their distribution
of copyrighted music.

The Napster mafia was beaten by the FBI agents with Italian opera music... The members
of the mafia fled, and were never seen again. Google is taking advantage of the following:
they are a company in the USA. They can do anything they want. Not even the FBI
dares to intervene, though the FTC and FBI had more privacy complaints about
Google in the USA than about any other company. Why are they so free?
That's the question.

Because the privacy advocates and FBI agents who tried are out in space in a UFO,
with colorful GOOG tubes hanging out their asses.

If you feel Google is worth complaining about privacy, write a privacy complaint to the FTC.

What to write? Google is violating privacy with their unusual business practices and
with their continuous abuse and infringement on personal materials like emails,
usenet messages and public properties like books in libraries.

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