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Anyone out there with experience of PHP coding for Amazon AWS? I know there
are dedicated forums for that, and I'll be enquiring there, but they tend
to steer you towards AmazonLib which seems overkill to me. Anyhow, here's
the situation:

I've added a database of aviation-related movies to my site at It's called 'Screen Eagles' (for which I also have the
domain name, as I may spin it off as a separate site someday). This is
really a 'hobby' site that I maintain in my spare time, but of course I've
added Google Ads and some Amazon ads on the off-chance that I might get a
few pennies to underwrite the hobby.

At the moment, I've hacked together a little routine that takes an Amazon
ASIN number, stored in the database, and pulls up ads for DVDs of the
current movie available from and - eg, see:


The thing is, I've kind of reverse engineered the links. I got the Amazon
affiliates to give me the code for one DVD and am using the same code with
just the ASIN number changed for all others. I noticed that the url
for .com also differs from that for in that the former includes the
parameter o=1 while the latter has o=2 (DVD region codes perhaps??).

Is anyone out there using AWS for pulling up links to specific products like
this? I'd be grateful for any pointers to PHP code, including something not
too heavy for parsing the XML that comes back.


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