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Oh my goodness, I never thought service this bad was possible.

For those who want verification, for a limited time, alwayswebhosting's
communications with its customers are available for display on this

Late in the evening on July 23, 2005 a major server went down that
hosted thousands of domains.  Customers who put in support tickets were
told the emergency maintenance was being done.  No other information
was given, no indication of what the problem was, how severe it was
just emergency maintenance, no estimate of when it would be back on

Early in the afternoon on July 25, the first communication from
alwayswebhosting was posted on the public message board saying that a
RAID server had lost three drives suddenly.

As you will be able to see from the forum entry, customers were led to
expect that substantial amounts (nearly all) of data would be recovered
by the recovery process that lasted almost two weeks, and were
explicitly told that alwayswebhosting would keep us posted.

According to Alwayswebhosting, there was 500 gigs of data on that
server originally.

On August 6 at 12:30pm we were given a communication that the restored
drive had arrived and "it looks great!"

At 4:30pm we were told that they had been able to salvage "over 50
gigs" of data from the drive.

Assuming alwayswebhosting was telling the truth, approximately 10% of
the data on the drive ended up being restored, and customers did not
learn of any problems until the exact last minute, when they could log
on and see for themselves.

Alwayswebhosting was decent when things were working well, but when
things went wrong, there is no other way to describe alwayswebhosting
than evasive and deceitful.

Hopefully everyone in the industry will learn from Alwayswebhosting,
and no web hosting customer will ever receive service this bad again.

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What were you paying? Im not trying to stand up for them but I hear
people gripe that a site prices themselves higher than it costs them to
provide a service. And then I see the same gripes when a major event
happens and the company cant come up with the bucks needed for major

In the real world disaster planning is done around 100 year events (the
100 year flood, the 100 year eruption, the 100 year earthquake, etc). In
the virtual world I call it the 100 month event. The cycles say it will
happen. Maybe at 50 or many at 150 but anyone planning for a disaster
should be aware of the 100 year level it can reach, and when it last

Now the question is... do you price yourself to go under at the first 10-
level event? We have seen those sites which are priced to fold if they
get popular because they cant even upgrade. Or at the 100-level event? or
to survive even the 500 or even the aeon events.

The problem with business sites is that if you price to be able to call
in big help on a big event, you will hear the gripes about greedy pricing
beyond the capability to provide the service. ANYWAY, the lesson to be
learned is in how you shop for your next service.

Gandalf  Parker
Do you know when the last 100 year event hit the place you are living
now? Ask your cities community planner.

Re: Sucks!


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You haven't hosted with Fasthosts?

Charles Sweeney

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