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Just to let all peeps know that all your posts are shown here:

I subscribe to this newsgroup and find when im at work I cannot see the
posts during the day, so thats why ive upgraded the website to show

Other webmaster topics are shown to including all the popular
newsgroups. Found here:

I guess you could use google, but always nice to have a second site
with same content.

I thank you for reading and hope to see you on the website.


*Kind Regards*

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all?  popular with whom?

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I can't help thinking you haven't really thought through this  
implementation.  I see no mention on the site that people contributing to  
this forum are actually posting to usenet and that their posts will be  
replicated across several web sites.

William Tasso

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for your Mama.

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Hello Mum!


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[someone who thinks nym and address in From header should all be
enclosed in apostrophes] wrote:

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Thanks.  Now I have another place to use my boilerplate responses
to posts coming from posters who use web gateways instead of real
news clients to do Usenet.  That would be this:


You can probably access this public Usenet newsgroup directly with
some real news client like Xnews or Thunderbird or Agent or slrn
or pan or knode or others [1], rather than some clunky web
interface.  Do yourself *and* Usenet a favor: check out your
options and take control of your own Usenet experience.

[1]Even with a piece of crap you already have, like Outlook
Express, which, as bad as it is, still beats web interfaces for
this activity that wasn't meant for webification.


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'My Name ' wrote:
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Ahhh more spam from space.
My 2 newest domains: and
Fight spam friendly providers, use and

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Viper wrote

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Takes one to know one.

Charles Sweeney

Re: alt.www.webmaster shown here

Quoth  in alt.www.webmaster

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I see.  And just how do you plan to share your ad revenue with *all* of usenet?

methinks you should have your p*cker crimped.

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