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I've found myself staring at the Alexa traffic ranking of my site
lately, wathing it go up, and after Googling a bit on the matter, it
seems that most people seem the Alexa traffic ranking to be worthless as
it is based on only those who have the Alexa/Amazon A9 toolbar
installed. But is it really worthless? I'd imagine that the statistic
(as with all web statistics) should be viewed with some critisism but is
it totally inaccurate? Opinions?

It seems that the higher the rank, the more accurate the statistic seems
to be, although this is nothing more than an educated guess.

My site's current pagerank is 57,180.

Best regards,
Tuomas Rinta

Re: Alexa Traffic Ranking

On Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:18:49 +0300, Tuomas Rinta put finger to
keyboard and typed:

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It isn't worthless, but, like all sample-based stats, it needs to be
interpreted in context.

Within the sample, the Alexa stats are accurate (as are other
sample-based stats generated by toolbars, such as Netcraft). The
problem is that the sample can be quite small, which makes the
extrapolation to an overall ranking very imprecise. At the lower end
of the scale, you may have just one or two Alexa-equipped users
visiting your site, so if you happen to gain another one then that
will make your Alexa stats improve by 50% even though you may only
have gained one user. Indeed, at the lower end of the scale, a
reasonable Alexa rating is often proof of nothing more than the fact
that the site's operator uses the toolbar on his own computer. You can
get a site into the top 200,000 with just one regular Alexa-equipped
visitor, and into the top 100,000 with only a handful. It isn't until
you reach the top 50,000 that the sample size is large enough to be
significant, and it's probably not until the top 10,000 that the
sample is large enough to be reasonably immune from manipulation by
site operators encouraging their users to install the toolbar.

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Re: Alexa Traffic Ranking

Tuomas Rinta wrote:
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Its too easy to cheat it. If YOU run the toolbar and visit your site a few
times a day each hit is counted. Plus theres programs out their that cheat
by reloading the page over and over with proxies.

Re: Alexa Traffic Ranking

Viper wrote

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Snakey knows all the tricks.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Alexa Traffic Ranking

If you are not manipulating the data by downloading the toolbar and
visiting your site repeatedly (and getting others to do the same) it
does provide a good reference point to determine overall visibility.
That said, many website owners do manipulate the data so I would not
use it as the sole means to gauge the success or failure of a website.
It's best to check against multiple data sources anyway. Check out - smaller sample size (they only rank one million sites)
but not as prone to abuse.

Re: Alexa Traffic Ranking

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About 6 months ago my Traffic Rank on Alexa was around 3,000... just
checking now its at 1,200,000

During those 6 months my traffic has increased almost 100%, so I must have
had a couple of regulars with the Alexa toolbar come by daily that have
stopped or removed the toolbar.

Personally, unless you are peddling advertising I can't see why anybody
would care what Alexa has to say.  To me the only stat that really matters
is number of sales/orders per day.

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