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Well, I just discovered Alexa. Is their data accurate? My site currently
ranks 98430.

The Alexa site mentions the ia_archiver bot. Currently it is disallowed
in my robots.txt. Should I allow it?

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Re: Alexa

And lo, Alfred Molon didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Alexa bases their info on people who download and use their toolbar while  
surfing.  I think they have agreements with makers of a few other toolbars  
too.  It's only as accurate as that sample size of users can get -  
meaning, as you go down in the ranking, the standard deviation gets so  
large as to make all the data below, say, rank 250,000 pretty much  
entirely arbitrary.

The ia_archiver robot captures pages for the Wayback Machine  
< I've been disallowing that bot for years and it  
has not hurt my Alexa ranking.  Not that my care what my Alexa ranking is  


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Re: Alexa

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This information on the Alexa website only tracks for users using the Alexa

Its hard to say how accurate the information is or how it rates in relation
to "the average web surfer".

Last summer my main website was ranked up around 32,000.... I just checked
now and its saying I am way down to almost 1,800,000

That sounds like a huge drop but despite what Alexa is saying, the traffic
to my website has increased by more than 25% per month compared to this time
last year.

Re: Alexa

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I wouldn't be surprised if numbers of people using 3rd party bars
(except for Google, perhaps) hasn't dropped over the past year or so.
With the increasing scares of Windows security holes, new releases of
Internet Explorer and FireFox, people are maybe becoming more cautious
in installing 3rd party things into their browsers...? So perhaps
Alexa's stats are becoming more and more irrelevant (well they never
were THAT relevant anyway).

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