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I've been getting lately such weird replies to my support tickets at that I'm starting to wonder if I've been exchanging emails
all the time with an artificial intelligence computer program. Could
this be the case, i.e. is natural language recognition so advanced
already ?

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Re: AI customer support

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Re: AI customer support

On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 00:45:53 +0200, Alfred Molon

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Certainly is. Many years ago a BBS - Cognitive Development - regularly
passed the Turing Test with its Page Sysop system that passed the
called through to a program. Then Saturn/DN2 was developed and ripped
off by all the major players - or perhaps they coincidentally
developed the same prionciples independantly <g>


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Re: AI customer support

Matt Probert wrote:
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This brings to mind the Eliza Helpdesk (Eliza was program which asked
questions and made statements to your questions, like a psychiatrist)

Customer: I need help.
Eliza: What kind of help?
Customer: My computer reboots.
Eliza: Why do you think that is?
Customer: I think maybe I got a virus.
Eliza: But you are not sure you have a virus?
Customer: No.
Eliza; You are being a bit negative.


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