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Is there any simple script (for instance one which is written in PHP) that
aggregates various RSS feeds (possibly different versions) and delivers one
uniform RSS feed? If URL1 is RSS version 1 and URL2 is version 2, the script
is to deliver the content of both, sensible ordered, in RSS version 2...

Re: Aggregate Feeds Script

On Fri, 03 Feb 2006 19:11:45 +0000, Roy Schestowitz

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Dozens of them, none simple. Just web searching "RSS aggregator" will
find them.

It's fairly easy to make a crude one. The hard parts are:

 - The multiplicity of RSS formats, particularly for encoding HTML
content within a <description>

 - The invalidity of many RSS feeds, and most of them from time to time.
You can't make a real "commercial grade" RSS parser on top of an XML
parser - RSS just isn't reliably valid as XML (HTML character entities
are the regular culprits).

 - Filtering by item. It's of little use to simply merge a number of
feeds, as the volume just gets large and the content uninteresting. The
exciting work is in how to recognise relevant content to make a filtered
feed from many sources.

Re: Aggregate Feeds Script

__/ [Andy Dingley] on Saturday 04 February 2006 16:24 \__

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Thanks, Andy. The advice was a useful one.

I have come across Magpie < in the past,
but it does not appear to achieve the task at hand. As I continue to explore
using search engines, I fail to find relevant scripts. I tried many
different search phrases to no avail. I could find one tool < that aggregates, but 'offshores' the feeds, much
like Feedburner. I'll continue searching for something I can install and use



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