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I have a website where I have a rich set of user data that I need to
begin to target. I have the following information for most users and
I'd like to use keywords to describe:

gender: male, female
age: under18, 18to24, 25to34, 35to50, over50
body type: underWeight, normalWeight, overWeight, obese

ie, if I have a banner ad I'd like to be able to specify the following
as keywords:

BANNER AD EXAMPLE #1 (weight loss supliment)
"overWeight obese"

BANNER AD EXAMPLE #2 (trendy women's shoes)
"female under18 18to24 25to34"

BANNER AD EXAMPLE #3 (California Women's-Only Gym)
"female CA overWeight obese"

... etc ...

The question I have is how to best structure the Selection String such
that these targets are met correctly.

$phpAds_raw = view_raw ('zone:1'.$AD_PERSONALIZATION, 0, '', '', '0',

An example of the current selection (personalization) string is shown
$AD_PERSONALIZATION = "/female/over50/averageWeight/www/San

(note: this is rendered dynamically using PHP)

but it doesn't seem to be working the way i intend it to.

What would the experts recommend the most efficient way to do this type
of targetting? Should I use another method? How would the new selection
string look?

Thank you very much in advance,


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