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Did it ever occur to you to rtfm?

Without the research you would have no way of knowing that ...
o this is usenet - not your personal billboard
o AWW is a discussion forum - not your personal billboard
o there are groups where product/service announcements are encouraged -  
AWW is not among them

let's examine 'rtfm' - what does that mean in the context of usenet?
o many groups have a FAQ, find it, read it, understand it
o read two weeks postings before your first post to any group
o the web contains many guides to usenet posting - read and digest

I have to wonder at the logic of broadcasting a message where it's not  
welcome.  At best it will be completely ignored.

So, you've done all that and you still want to get your message out to
AWW.  So, how to go about publishing without spamming?  could
be tricky - if you have made the effort to examine the material suggested
above then it probably seems like a pointless excercise.
well, here's your starter for 10 ...

o participate in the group.  respond to requests for help/information
using your skills and experience to assist others.  where
appropriate you can mention how your company/service/product overcomes
that issue.

o add a brief (no more than 4 lines) message as a signature at the foot of
your posts. Note a signature is the text that follws a
line containing only 'dash dash space' like so '-- '.

But usenet appears to be such a useful medium for broadcasting  
announcements - maybe so, there are many uses for usenet.  The trick is to  
find the right group (or groups) for your message.  One group where  
announcements are encouraged is - of course,  
the rtfm notes above apply equally to that group.

ok - that was the good news, now you must pay attention.

Almost every group - this one included - has among its regular
contributors several folk that will take your advert/spam/post to be
as welcome as if you had walked into their home and painted the advert on
their living room wall.

The response to such an activity is entirely predictable - please don't  
feign surprise when the backlash hits.

In the case of usenet spamming, what that means is that your connectivity
ISP and your upstream hosting provider will be notified of
your indiscretion and encouraged to terminate your accounts.  Whether they
will or not depends in part on the contents of their
respective TOS/AUP documents.  time to rtfm again.  I'd suggest you do
that quickly.

Sounds rough?  it is, but you're not the first spammer to pass this way
and you won't be the last.

What can you do to prevent this action?
Not much really.  It may help if you contact your providers, admitting
your indiscretion and apologising profusely for your mistake.  A follow-up
posting (reply to your own message) in the group expressing the same
sentiments may strike a chord with those that will report you - do nothing  
and they will report you.

The problem you have is timing, usenet and this group in particular is a
world wide service, you will have no idea which time-zone
the complaint will come from.  Early action may save your accounts.

Life's a beach.

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