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Following on from Roys post about
High paying adsense keywords, /

Is anyone aware of a similar site that lists
more UK friendly keywords?

Re: AdSense Top Keywords for Worth (UK)

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 22:25:56 +0100, T.J. put finger to keyboard and

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All the debt consolidation ones work for the UK as well. But the UK is
a smaller market, so it's not surprising that the highest-payers are
primarily those targetted at a US audience.

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Re: AdSense Top Keywords for Worth (UK)

__/ [ Mark Goodge ] on Monday 27 March 2006 07:52 \__

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As regards page popularity/prevalence, replace "ize" with "ise"; I know it
makes a big, big difference in many SERP's. Some page titles have a
variation which includes both for that particular reason. Other factors
would be terminology, e.g. "solicitor" versus "lawyer".

I believe there are (Windows-only) tools for AdWords advertisers. They allow
the user to explore the cost of various phrases/words, but I know of no
worth-ordered list that has been generated and made public. Maybe a project
for someone to embarked on? Any takers will benefit from high traffic to the

Best wishes,


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