Adsense Reports for Large Accounts

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I have a dispute over some Google Adsense revenue generated from one of
my websites.  I own 5 websites but my so-called partner had been
handling the Google Adsense ads on one of my sites, as part of their
large corporate Google account.  They have also been handling other ads
that appear on that site, but that is another story.

My partner claimed that with their tens of millions of page impressions
each month, spread out over 30 or so websites, that they can make some
"back room" deals with Google for a higher than average percentage
of the gross revenue for the Google Adsense ads placed on multiple
websites.  My issue is: How does Google handle the reporting of the
revenue generated for one specific website, which is part of a large
corporation's account?  As everyone who owns a website with Adsense
ads knows, you receive a check from Google at the end of the month for
the reported Google net revenue for the previous month.  You are never
given what the gross revenue figure is for that month so you never know
how much Google gets.  But, now I'm told that the reports which
Google provides large account holders, is really the gross, not the net
and that the payouts at the end of the month are based on a agreed
percentage of that figure.  Google will not confirm this for me.

I'm supposed to get 100% of the net Google revenue generated by my
website.  Each month, my partner provides me with a copy of the Google
report, which indicates Y number of dollars that were generated for
that month.  They then had me invoice them based on multiplying that
gross figure by 0.X, since they claim that they get X% of the gross.
My concern is that if the Google reports are like everyone else's
report, and the revenue report is the net and not the gross, then I'm
not getting my fair share.  Using their math, I would be taking X% of
the net revenue instead of the gross, or in other words, I would be
taking X% of X%.  Since my partner will not share any information about
what they actually get from Google, I have no way of confirming my
suspicions.  What do you think?  Am I being screwed?

Re: Adsense Reports for Large Accounts


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Doesn't sound like much of a partner.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Adsense Reports for Large Accounts

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I agree. I can only encourage you to pursue this matter. I think you'll find
better advice in some of the Adwords newsgroups. Try searching for "adwords"

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