Adsense is killing publishers..

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I seriously think Google Adsense needs to have a good, hard look at how
their service works. I receive over 20,000 impressions on my ads per
day and its growing as I type this, I am getting increasingly
disappointed that all Google's efforts are to reward advertisers and
punish publishers. I understand advertisers want to get the best bang
for the buck and rightly so, but when I see 2 MFA (made for adsense)
websites in prime positions in my advertising space each day I start to
get annoyed.

The sole purpose of these advertisers is to *steal* high paying and
targeted traffic from my website - usually paying out between $0.01 and
$0.03 per click. Now I know my traffic isnt worth that, if I wanted
that sort of return I could go with any number of other publisher
programs scattered around the internet, e.g. clicksor. I was attracted
to the Adsense program originally because it offered, what I believe to
be, a fair price for my traffic. I have already added dozens of these
MFA ads onto my competitor list, but at this rate im soon going to run
out of space with the 200 max.

So my question is, when will you stop helping the advertisers and start
helping the publishers?

Some things that could be done to aid publishers:
Allow minimum acceptable cost per click
Rework the algorithm that sets the minimum bid for each advertiser..
why should all the legitimate advertisers paying the "right" prices be
Allow publishers more control over what ads are allowed - I dont want
generic ads with specific keywords plastered in. Ebay is a prime
example of this.

On another note, couldent this amount to fraud of some sort? I mean if
some advertisers are paying $0.01 per click and others are paying $0.50
per click for the same spot, thats not fair trade is it?

Re: Adsense is killing publishers..

On 27 Sep 2006 04:12:51 -0700, wrote:

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....when publishers stop carrying the adverts.

I have a lot of sympathy for you, and other publishers, but at the end
of the day it's "market forces". If you don't like the deal offered by
[company] then move away to another company


Veritas Vincti

Re: Adsense is killing publishers.. wrote:
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Well, the advertisers are paying the bills.  And if you want their
money, you need to display their ads.

Although I do agree with you on some points - publishers should have
good control over which ads can be shown on their sites.  You don't see
the CBS running ads for shows on ABC, for instance.

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Drop in adsense income and new google program?

Have you seen a drop in your income from adsense also?
Some days do seem better than other now.

I do know that G is testing out a new publishers program
that is well you guessed it ppa (pay per action).

Not sure what that will be like though.  I know they are
scambling to figure out something because of all the so called
reported click fraud.


Re: Drop in adsense income and new google program? wrote:
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Nope.  But then I don't use adsense.

I have nothing against it.  Just don't use it.

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Re: Drop in adsense income and new google program?

On 27 Sep 2006 13:59:44 -0700, put finger to
keyboard and typed:

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Some days are better than others, yes. In related news, sometimes it
rains and sometimes it's sunny.

My Adsense income is variable, but on the whole it broadly reflects
traffic - when that goes up, earnings go up, and vice versa. There's
no overall downward trend that I can see.

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Adsense now includes pay-per-view adverts as well as pay-per-click. As
a publisher, it shouldn't make much visible difference as you still
get the highest bid price per advert.

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Re: Adsense is killing publishers..

I don't think so. You have to find a good and expensive top keywords
which can costs a lot. Where to find them - is another question.

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