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If you use adsense on your sites, can you send/ post your CTR and eCPM
over the last 365 days?



Re: Adsense

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Heh, if you arrange a signed paper from Google that it's ok to publish
both numbers, I am happy to email them to you.

John Bokma                            

Re: Adsense

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As John has already pointed out, its in breach of the adsense Ts&Cs to pass
on this information. Sorry.

I'm not sure how much use it would be anyway, unless you had figures from a
similar site. My adsense reports are split across almost a dozen channels
and the CTR and eCPM figures wary wildly between them (some of my reporting
channels get a lot of traffic but very poor CTR and eCPM figures and in
comparison make other channels look positively radiant.) I know also that
the figures I see vary across the year.

Its probably more important to consider whether you are content with your
adsense revenue and what you can do to improve it (or move elsewhere for
advertising revenue).
Brian Cryer

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