Ads by Google - transparent?

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I need to get the background of my google ads transparent (displays as white
which doesn't fit in with the gradiating colour in the place I've put it) -
can't seem to do it with

google_color_bg = "transparent";

or leaving it blank - anyone know how to do it?


Re: Ads by Google - transparent?

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If you leave the background color blank, the ad usually reverts back to the
default setting which is white with a blue border.  Only affects text ads.

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Re: Ads by Google - transparent?

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It can't be done. You can set a single background colour, or you can
leave it unset in which case it defaults to white.

That's a deliberate choice by Google - it makes it impossible for
anything other than the Google content to display within the boundary
of the ad block. Otherwise, you could overlay the ads on top of
something which, for example, makes the "Ads by Google" text
unreadable (by rendering it black text on a black background, say) and
thus deceiving viewers into thinking that the links are part of your
own site.

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