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I have tried everything to get some answers and have not had much
luck. Hopefully someone can help! :)
I have a website that I would like to offer one downloadable pdf to be
purchased by the consumer via credit card/pay pal. I have the pay
pal / shopping cart set up and the adobe pdf created.  I could email
them the pdf, however, I would prefer to let them instantly download.

How do I link all of this to my website? I would like this as a one
time only download-- that can be purchased only after payment have
been made.
Thank you to anyone that can help me..

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You'll need to use a server-side programming language to control the
download.  Some which would work include Perl, PHP, VBScript, Java...
depends on your platform and what you have available.

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You have three main options here:

1. Learn a common web programming language and write your own system
to sell downloads. This is a fairly simple task for a competant
programmer; your real problem is that it might take you a while to
become a sufficiently competant programmer.

2. Pay someone to create a system for you. This requires no skill at
all on your part, but does require you to have the money to spend on
paying someone.

3. Use one of the many free or low-cost scripts available on the web.
This is intermediate between the two previous options - it's a lot
cheaper than paying for custom programming, but you will need a
certain amount of knowledge in order to install it. As usual, Google
is your friend.

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There is a company offering this facility:

They handle all the tricky business of credit card fraud, chargebacks,
security, etc.

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If you're UK-based, then BT's Click-and-Buy is worth looking at. Easy
to set up.

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