adding specific online radio to WEBsite.

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Hi there.
I am trying to add this ( /) radio to my
site....when i look at the source code it looks like this...

<OBJECT ID=3D"MediaPlayer1" width=3D450 height=3D90
        standby=3D"Loading Microsoft=AE Windows=AE Media Player
  <PARAM NAME=3D"FileName" VALUE=3D"WindowsMediaPlayer.asx"> //Use Windows
Media Player Link
  <PARAM NAME=3D"AutoStart" VALUE=3D"True"> //Set To "True" To Auto Tune
In When Window Is Opened
  <EMBED type=3D"application/x-mplayer2"
        pluginspage = ""
        SRC=3D"WindowsMediaPlayer.asx" //Use Windows Media Player Link
        AutoStart=3DTrue> //Set To "True" To Auto Tune In When Window Is


How can i modify the code so that i can add this to my website? Any
help will triple appreciated...


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