Adbrite Ads considered as Malware by google???

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I was using Adbrite Ad network.

Yesterday I found google saying my website has got risks.

I went to Google WebMasters tools. They said 4 pages had harmful code.

"Google has detected harmful code on your site and will display a warning t=
o users when they attempt to visit your pages from Google search results.
You should clean your site as soon as possible."

And on viewing the code that caused this problem was

Last checked: August 8, 2012

"When Google last tested this page, your server returned content that direc=
ted the browser to a site that serves malware. Below is an example of suspe=
cted injected code. We recommend you check your source code for this and an=
y other unauthorized changes, and reference our guidelines for cleaning you=
r site and requesting a review. "

Suspected injected code     
<script type=3D"text/javascript" src=3D"

The above suspected code is the Adbrite Ad I am putting on my website.

Is Adbrite not a renowned company.

I was thinking Adbrite is a reliable company. Should I remove the Adbrite A=
ds completely or wait for Adbrite to correct the problem.

Are any other users of Adbrite facing simmilar problem.

What should I do? Should I remove all adbrite Ads they how will I earn? Ads=
ense have already rejected my website.

Is this all because of fight between Adsense and Adbrite to control the int=
ernet Ad Networks?


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