ad manager programs?

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a few questions on running a banner program:

1. I am getting emails from what appears to be legit people asking what I
would charge to put their banner on my web sites (I run a few dozen sites
and a few get a lot of visitors). Is a couple hundred visitors per hour
warrant someone paying to put up a banner? or what is the break even

2. what is the best way to run a banner program? PPM, PPC or timed? what
is a standard rate for posting ads? or where could I get some info on
size of banners and freq. vs rate?

3. Is there a script where people can sign up and pay and upload their
banner ad without any input from me, sort of auto pilot? Naturally, it
should have a back end so users can manage their banners, views per day,
per week, increase their time, or cancel their ad.

4. Is anyone running a script now that I see as an example?

5. I am assuming there is enough money in it to make it worth my time
setting up and monitoring? Are there many firms, individuals, etc.
looking for places to run their ads and willing to pay for it?

thanks if you can help in any way
william zoraster

Re: ad manager programs?

Zoraster Zeus wrote:
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Sure, if they think it's worth paying for, then it's worthwhile to do it.

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There are no real "standards" in this area.  Basically, negotiate how
big an ad you want on your site, and how much you want to charge.

I know this isn't helpful - but this is one area which depends a lot on
the audience, products and about a dozen other things.  Unfortunately
(or maybe fortunately!), internet advertising hasn't progressed as far
as other types, where it costs you $x to do a 30 second spot on the
Super Bowl.

Basically, you need to decide - are you getting enough revenue to
potentially lose some of your own customers because they don't like the

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Nope, each one is pretty much customized to the site.

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I don't do banner advertising on my sites.  Some others here do.  But it
wouldn't be hard to write in any of several languages.

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Therein lies the problem.  How much is "enough money" for you?

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Re: ad manager programs?

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Oh, ok

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