web-hosting = fraud, total scam.

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I have reported them to IFCC - twice.

I first signed up with a company called GlobeDomain. GlobeDomain was
bought by acunett.  I bought three seperate accounts, all paid in

About eight months after my service began, I was asked to agree to
their new billing. I decided I didn't want their service after my
pre-paid period was over, so I didn't respond. They shut down my
service, and  refused to bring it back online untill I acknowledged
their new billing. I reported them for fraud. This was their response:

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Thanks for reporting our company for fraud. Good luck. Let me know your

order number and you will get a full refund and we will have your
account terminated as soon as possible. We no longer want to do
with you.

The mockingly say "good luck" but they did return my money. For a
while, at least. About six months later, they took money out of my
paypal account with no authorization (I thought they didn't want to do
business with me? I guess stealing isn't reall "doing business"). I
again threatend to report them for fraud. Again, I got the same mocking
"F--- You" kind of response:

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Go ahead and try.

I highly doubt they will even read your claims seeing as how you have
absolutely no proof to offer.

We asked that you provide the domain name for which this charge was

Simple as that. You can't even respond to that simple question that
will earn your $4.50.

Sorry, but two can play that game.

BTW: they are wrong about me not having proof. Also, I can not tell
them what domain, because I have no way of knowing. They just took my
money without explaination or authorization.

There are a lot of good web-hosters out there. There is no reason to
deal with this sort of scum. I now use I am
much happier with their service, and they offer a better deal.  I also
use and have recieved excellent

Re: web-hosting = fraud, total scam.


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Why on earth did you do that?

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If you were so bothered about your service, why didn't you reply?

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Well it sounds to me like they made a genuine mistake. And you immediately
threatened to report them for fraud? Why didnt you contact them and explain?

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Yes - this is how most billing systems work, they automatically invoice you
and then bill you. They don't telephone you to ask you if its ok. Get over
Did you ignore the invoice also?

Acunett are an excellent company with who I have had nearly 18 months
experience (this is my only connection with them) - all of it excellent. Go
and read the webhostingtalk forums for a huge number of other testimonials
from other people equally happy with their service.

Whenever I have had any issue, a simple mail to one of the team (or even the
head who is readily available on Email/MSN at all times) resolves things
very quickly.

Sounds to me like you have been entirely un-coperative (not even replying to
an Email from the new owners after the company has been bought out),
expecting them to read your mind about what you want and then having the
audacity to report them for fraud for problems caused by your own laziness.
I am sure you are not listing all their Emails and selectively choosing ones
that show them to be bad. I am 100% sure they will have contacted you to
sort this out reasonably.

And then you come on here to bad mouth them - I think this is entirely out
of order,

If you reported my company for fraud under the set of circumstances you have
outlined above, I certainly wouldnt want to do business with you again, and
would have been far more impolite about it.

Re: web-hosting = fraud, total scam.


Anyone that knows a thing about paypal will not be deceived by this
post. There is absolutely no possible way I can take money from your
paypal account, unless we had your paypal account login details and
sent money to ourselves.

In your case, you signed up for a subscription yourself April 22nd of
last year.  You did not bother to email us to cancel. You did not
bother to cancel the subscription in paypal. Thus, paypal automatically
withdrew $4.50 on April 22nd.

Instead of contacting us first to cancel the account and refund the
money, you decided to file a fraud report to paypal, and threatened us
yet again to report us to IFCC.

I'm sorry but you have crossed the line with your frivilous and false
reports of fraud. Anyone, especially the IFCC can see through your

 I do not find it necessary to continue being courteous to you when we
receive messages such as:

"Cute little extortion racket you have there, you should be very
" I am very active on forums and newsgroups. I will trash your service
up and down, if you don't refund my money very soon. "


Re: web-hosting = fraud, total scam.


I was very polite until you started getting hostile. I still have the
emails. If you had simply refunded my money, I would not have reported
you for fraud.

Also, you claimed, much earlier, that you didn't want to do business
with me.

Re: web-hosting = fraud, total scam.

walterbyrd wrote

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(Pulls up his chair)

Matt, are you on the pop-corn?

Looks like William and Dylan are arranging the beers.  Grey can take care
of the less savoury snacks.  Maybe get Els and Mir to make some pretty
folded napkins.

Heidi can come on between rounds, holding up the round card.

We'll put Babs on the door, to keep out the trouble-makers.

Charles Sweeney

Re: web-hosting = fraud, total scam.

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And I'll provide the tunes:

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Re: web-hosting = fraud, total scam.


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certainly am.

Yes I saw William heading off to the local to fetch some, said he
might be gone a little while.

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