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Is there some way to access someone's website directory to get a list
of the files in the website server? Or is a password always needed?

Re: access to another company's website

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All you have to do is ask the person.  There are lots of good reasons
he/she should say NO!

John Redmond
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Re: access to another company's website

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Can you provide us with a bit of context?

There is only one rule to applying a security model based on an outsider
gaining access to your file list. - DON'T.

An index.html placed so as to prevent file listings for security purposes is
kind of foolish. Nice to have one to keep your kid sister out, but thats about
it. (It is good to use one in *combination* to other things though, mostly to
remove the temptation)

If, on the other hand you really are trying to obtain access to another
companies list of files, no, you don't need a password.

Email them with a message, something like this:

    Dear Such-And-Such,

    I would like to obtain a list of all files on your web server. Please
    send a list to the following address <insert your email address here>

    Or, if this arrangement is unsatisfactory, please provide for me, a
    url where I might download such a list.

    Thank you.

    <Insert your name here>

Passwords are almost never required to send an email such as the above
to someone. You do need an email address though. You might want to include
a reason for your request, as this is a fairly obscure request.

-- Custom web programming
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Re: access to another company's website

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o Corporate acquisition?
o Spider?
o Site Map?

are the lgitimate ways that spring to mind.

In some circumstance you may be able to hack the host - this may be  
considerably easier if you have an account on the same box.

William Tasso

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