About these cyberquatters.

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I've just had an email from one of these cybersquatters offering to sell me
my old FatwaSam.com domain which I allowed to lapse a while ago.
The cheeky bugger wants $1688 for it.
I told him he could have 10 for it - take it or leave it.


Re: About these cyberquatters.

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 14:38:30 GMT, "Fat Sam"

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You mean he didn't even have the manners to check your local currency
and offer you a sale in your local currency?

What a knob.


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Re: About these cyberquatters.

Matt Probert wrote:
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Nope. He explicitly stated the price was US $.
As if that's the only currency in the world.
I can hardly pop down to my local Tesco's and pay for a months shopping with
dollar bills now can I?

Re: About these cyberquatters.

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Great photos on that second link of your! I would go ahead and pay the
buggers. Tell them you won't be home but Angel will be here to pay you.

Re: About these cyberquatters.

John wrote:
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Thanks :-)
It's a wee hobby that's become a bit of an obsession over the past 6 months,

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Hahaha. Might save us a bit on feeding her.

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