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Re: a word of warning/a tale of woe

Paul Watt wrote

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Yikes!  I backup my web stuff on the hard disk, CDs, my ISP webspace,
and sometimes floppies.

So for my most important stuff, at least three machines would have to
fail at the same time, before I reverted to the CDs.

Thanks for the reminder though!

Charles Sweeney

Re: a word of warning/a tale of woe

Per Paul Watt:
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And back up to at least three different devices - keeping one offsite at all
times.   I fried two USB drives once before I realized I had a rogue USB card.

Re: a word of warning/a tale of woe

Whoops. Sorry. The real moral here is to use some real code management
system, like CVS. CVS supports versioning, merging, etc. It is not some
joke software, large projects rely on it.


Re: a word of warning/a tale of woe

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Nope. Whilst there is much to be said in support of using tools like cvs, if
your repository is on the same pc as the one that has a disk failure (or if
you have a fire and lose the "server" and pc) then cvs won't help. It
wouldn't have helped Paul with the situation he faced in his original

The real moral is to have reliable backups - the more the better. A system
like that described by Charles (which sounds similar to the one I use) is
probably best - multiple redundant copies on different pcs as well as on
media some of which is stored off site. One thing which is often overlooked
with backups is how good they are when you come to need them. The only real
way to judge the effectiveness of a backup is to try recovering from it.
Recovering individual files is easy but how many of us have tested restoring
an operating system with accounts and all their associated configuration?
Consider Paul, he took a backup before he started - it was only when he came
to need it that he experienced that horrible "oh no" feeling.

To quote from Paul's original post: "The moral of this sorry tale? Back up
your backups."
Brian Cryer

Re: a word of warning/a tale of woe

On Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:22:48 +0100, "Brian Cryer"

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Yes I was going to post an addendum, but you beat me to it.


It's no good backing up to an expensive service in a foreign country,
only to discover, in time of disaster, that the copy is corrupt or
otherwise unusable!


Veritas Vincti

Re: a word of warning/a tale of woe

Matt Probert wrote:
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Yep.  I got a customer that way one time.  Their webmaster was supposed to do
daily backups.  The server was hosted by a friend of the webmaster (at his
home), basically the only one on the server.

One day the server got hacked - everything was erased, including the OS (we
think it was a disgruntled ex-employee).  Backup turned out to be one CD_RW
which was rewritten every night (old backup erased, etc.).  And, of course, this
had been erased, also.

Fortunately the customer involved had a recent copy of the website themselves so
I was able to get them back up on a new host in short order.  All they really
lost were some recent database updates.  But without that they would have lost
thousands of dollars just to rewrite the site.

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