A tricky little problem!

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Am tearing my hair out!
Two days ago, while building web pages and testing
them on a local browser (IE6), the images disappeared
off the page.  Thought initially that my server (hosted)
was down temporarily, but it has persisted.
Users on other computers can see my web pages and
images.  I stall can not!  Made NO alterations to IE
settings that may have caused it.

Have so far:
Formatted c:
Reloaded Win98se and Win xp
Unloaded the files from the server
Re-FTP'd all the files back to the server
Tried viewing pages with IE 4, 5, 5.5, and 6
Loaded Firefox and Netscape and all produce
the same result - nothing.

Anyone got the inkling of an idea out there please??

Re: A tricky little problem!

sales@justmedals.com wandered down the corridor from www.sageforum.co.uk
knowing Troll and Sextoy were here...
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higher up this page of items, in a separate thread Brian Wakem had an idea that
was absolutely spot on..... It may even work for you...

Go to a newsagent, but[y] a Linux mag with a knoppix CD on the front,
insert into drive and boot.  Leave running and see if it turns off.

If it does, you have a hardware fault, if it doesn't you have a software
fault and you should read the magazine to decide which distro you are
going to try.

nice one Brian!!

Doobie Doobie Do, da da di da da

Re: A tricky little problem!

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I resisted the temptation to post a pointless suggestion. Mine was
going to involve a high cliff and a new potential Olympic event.....



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Re: A tricky little problem!

Richard wrote:
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Is it possible that the pictures have indeed disappeared,
but your friend's computer is still pulling them out of
cache? Whereas yours, having been formatted, is hardly
inclined to do that :)
Very unlikely, I know, but you don't leave much room for
anything but wild ideas...

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