A Successful Weight-Loss System Researched By Harvard University

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You may have heard of the 'Mediterranean Diet'. It is well known to be one of the healthiest eating regimes known to man as well as an effective and powerful deterrent against heart disease, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

What you might not know is that if applied in the correct way this type of diet can also be used as an extremely effective means of losing weight - and a lot of it!!

Losing weight AND improving your health at the same time? Unheard of - until now!

Unlike 'fad' diets which are primarily designed for extreme weight-loss, the Mediterranean Diet actually works WITH your metabolism to achieve long-term and permanent results. The speed that you lose weight could be slightly slower but the end result is MUCH better.

Diets such as the 'Atkins' or the 'Cabbage Soup', apart from being dangerously unhealthy, have been shown to make the dieter lose water rather than actual fat - this can be extremely counter-productive.

If weight is lost too quickly there can be up to a 6% loss of muscle tissue as well as any fat or water lost. As a result, when the weight eventually returns - and it always does - more fat actually replaces the lost muscle which means the dieter will end up being fatter than he was before!!

To lose weight effectively, the method has to be realistic and according to research carried out by Harvard University, the Mediterranean Diet is the solution.

To learn exactly how to achieve permanent and healthy weight-loss visit:


Anthony Glassman - co-author of Mediterranean Diet Secrets

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Re: A Successful Weight-Loss System Researched By Harvard University

Here's free diet advice from Karl Core:

To lose weight, expend more energy[1] than you ingest.

More frequent/ intense energy expense leads to more drastic loss of

Violently beating spammers to within an inch of their lives may lead to
a very high amount of energy being expended and therefore some weight
might be lost, especially if you do it frequently and for long periods
of time[2]

1 - A "Calorie", for those not in the know, is a measure of energy.
2 - Though it would be fun to watch/ participate in, I do not recommend
actually doing such a thing, though the jailhouse buggering may also
help burn calories.



Re: A Successful Weight-Loss System Researched By Harvard University

something that included:

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It's easier than that.

On the "rancid tuna and raw bacon" diet, you can lose 10 pounds in 3
days. If you get bored, you can expand your food selection to include
spoiled chicken salad.


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